Peak Design's Travel Tripod


I think it has finally happened...the worlds best travel tripod is finally here! Peak Design partnered with world renowned photographer Chris Burkard and the king of b-roll and Youtuber Peter Mckinnon on designing this tripod from scratch. 

After 4 years of planning and testing, Peak Design has finally released its new Travel Tripod, the most portable, sleek, and ergonomic tripod the photography world has ever seen. Able to pack down to half the size of regular tripods and be assembled twice as fast, this tripod is the be all and end all travel companion photographers have been waiting for. Pledge and pre-order it at a discount:

Peter Mckinnon has already provided his professional insight around this tripod on this video here: 

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this tripod, as being a travel photographer, a light and handy tripod is what makes or breaks your back (literally). The sizing of this tripod and the quick and easy release allow for this tripod to be the best tool to have in your camera bag.

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